This is more than reclaiming a piece of wood or metal and throwing some table legs on it. Any hipster can do that. This is curating architectural materials with a scrutiny almost two decades in the making. This is putting as much blood, sweat and tears into a piece as we do glue and nails. This is craft at its purest sense of the word. This is more than giving wood, metal and glass a second chance in this world. It’s giving them an even better purpose than they had during their first one.

This is wood, metal and light, reborn.

Sand Lake Road McDonald’s – Orlando, Florida

Pickle Tank Tables

Mason Jar Chandeliers

Lenny And Eva – Retailers’ Display

Pere Marquette Table

Coffee Shop Tables and Bar – Simpatico in Holland and Grand Rapids Michigan

Surfboard Table

Bar Remodel – The Itty Bitty Bar, Holland Michigan

Vinegar Wood Table

Jb and Me – Grand Rapids

Copper Craft Distillery – Holland, MI

Wine Bottle Chandelier

Walsh Side Table

Sole Mate