As Dirk Nykamp will tell you, when it comes to salvaging architectural building materials, the one downside of seeing beauty in the neglected and forgotten is having somewhere to store it. This is precisely what led him in the year 2000 to borrow a friend’s shed as a sanctuary for the pieces of wood, metal, glass and other materials he just knew were meant for life beyond a junkyard or landfill.

In time, thanks to Dirk’s unique blend of passion and vision, the “junk” he collected became the designs people coveted. Today, Dirk Nykamp Design includes more than a dozen craftsmen and women helping to realize Dirk’s vision and design. In July 2013 DND purchased the facilities of an out of business lumber company and now have over 4 acres of land and 12,000 square feet of workspace. As you’ll see in their storage facilities, Dirk’s eye for potential in materials is sharper than ever. And so is the demand for what those materials become.

Whether you need retail displays, cabinets, tables, beds, custom doors, media and entertainment consoles, lighting or a creative solution to a crazy idea you have, Dirk Nykamp Design is ready, willing and more than able. Have a look at our portfolio  and give us a shout if you’d like to chat.